Rely on Us for Fresh, Quality Marijuana Products

Rely on Us for Fresh, Quality Marijuana Products

Cannabis Flowers

Our selection of cannabis flowers and buds is guaranteed to wow you. There are three terms used to identify each type of cannabis: Sativa (S), Indica (I), and Hybrid (H). To have the best marijuana experience, it’s important to understand each in choosing the right type for you.

Sativa and Indica are known to induce specific effects depending on the strain. Some can give you energy, anxiety, or focus, while others can relax you, sedate you, or make you hungry. The Hybrid is special because these strains are a combination of various Sativa and Indica strains.


These strains will make you feel uplifted and energetic and produce a cerebral, spacey, and hallucinogenic effect. They are best suited for day use.


Indica strains are relaxing and calming and can give you a strong body buzz or “couch lock.” These are best suited for night use.


Crossbred strains have both Indica and Sativa genetics.


Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive component in cannabis (indicated as a percentage).


CBD is the nonpsychoactive component of cannabis that is also indicated as a percentage.


With our impressive selection of hash, oil, shatter, wax, and other concentrates, you will find what suits your preference the most. We have dab experts who are committed to walking you through each of the following:


Dried oil with a honeycomb-like consistency.


Whipped under heat to create a cake batter consistency.

Sugar Wax

Has a crystalized consistency that is between a budder and a pull and snap.

Pull and Snap

A sap-like concentrate that contains more terpenes than shatter.


A brittle, amber-colored concentrate that breaks like glass.

Cartridges (Carts)

Oil in a small canister designed to be screwed onto a battery.


Oil contained in a tiny pod that is added into a proprietary vape.


Oil contained in a tiny pod that is added into a proprietary vape.


Our varied edibles come in:


Sodas or Beverages





Infused Products